Welcome to the NSAPH Handbook#

The handbook offers information on data, software and analysis.

Web page#

Find the National Studies on Air Pollution and Health (NSAPH) group official web page here.

GitHub presence#

A GitHub organization is a shared account where all organization members can collaborate across many projects at once. NSAPH has five organizations on GitHub meant to help you find and use group resources:

  1. NSAPH Projects - meant to collect data analyses;

  2. NSAPH Software - for the development of reusable software packages for analysis;

  3. NSAPH Data Platform - captures all the code that went into creating and maintaining the data platform;

  4. NSAPH Data Processing - meant to capture the data pipelines for data transformations and aggregation;

  5. NSAPH - gathers past projects but will continue to be used for miscellaneous projects that don’t belong in the previous categories

Check out the handbook content:

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